Instructions for installing and licensing Spartan`20 (instructions download)


Note: the same installation instructions apply for Spartan`24.

1)     Download the Spartan installer for your platform (Windows, Macintosh, or Linux) from the download page:

2)     Install the software using the default method for your platform.

a.     For MacOS, double-click on the downloaded disk image (.dmg) file to mount it. In the window that opens, drag the Spartan`20 program icon to the Applications folder in the same window. The program will be copied to the Applications folder on your computer. You may also want to copy the Tutorials and Topics folders as they contain files used in the exercises accessed from the Activities menu of Spartan. The Library folder has a collection of useful molecular fragments that can be added to the More pop-up menu in the Spartan Model Kit. Drag these folders to a convenient location, such as your Documents folder.

b.     For Windows, double-click on the downloaded installer (.exe) file to initiate the usual installation process and follow the prompts. The Tutorial, Topics, and Library folders will be installed in the Spartan`20 program directory and can be moved to your Documents folder.

3)     At first launch of Spartan on MacOS, or during the installation process on Windows, the Sentinel Runtime installer will also launch. Installation of this software is necessary to license and use Spartan. Follow the prompts to install the software.

4)     In the Wavefunction License Utility window that opens, choose the Network option and then click Next.

5)     Enter the name of the Spartan license server;, into the text field and click Next.

6)     Click Done in the next window.

7)     Calculate!


Note, you must be connected to the UCSD campus network to license and use the Spartan`20 program. This means that you must be either directly connected to the campus network (e.g. via WiFi) or be remotely connected to the UCSD VPN using the AnyConnect client. More information about how to connect to the VPN can be found here for Windows and Macintosh computers.

W10 installation.mp4